Research Fellows

Research Fellows/Research Fellowes of the Leadership and Democracy Lab are drawn from Lab alumni, Western university graduates and interested partners in the private, governmental and non-profit sectors. This honourary position affiliates helpful external mentors with each year’s student research teams towards advancing the Lab’s scholarly mission. Selection is on an ad hoc basis. Please contact the Lab’s faculty directors for further information and to apply.

V-Gaspard-Picture-for-LareSizeb.JPGValere Gaspard

Valere Gaspard is a researcher and practitioner. Valere completed his Honours Specialization in Political Science and Major in Philosophy at Western University, where he was the recipient of the S.F. Glass Gold Medal for the graduating political science class of 2020 and the Barry Connell Steers Scholarship recipient for 2019-2020. While at Western, Valere was a researcher at the Leadership and Democracy Lab.

Valere’s research interests include election law, federalism, Canadian politics and ethics. In collaboration with Dr. Cristine de Clercy, Valere’s work has explored the role and regulation of third parties in the pre-election period, among other related topics.

A member of Elections Canada’s Media Relations and Issues Management team since 2018, Valere has contributed to various projects, including analysis on the impact of changing circumstances (such as COVID-19) on elections and democracy.

Valere is one of ten interns selected from across Canada for the 2020-21 cohort of the Parliamentary Internship Programme.