Student Leaders and Members

Our Team Leaders and Members are among the top scholars at Western. Our Leaders have published scholarly articles throughout their time with the Lab and throughout their Western careers and beyond. Our Members are involved in research throughout Western's various departments and faculties. Their expertise addresses a range of issues and subject matter, including multilevel governance, intergenerational justice, cross-national voting behaviour, international climate negotiations, democratization, urban politics, international political economy, and political leadership.

Student Directors

Katie Campbell

Ethan Chen 

Mateo Larrazabal 

Team Leaders  

Andrei Chen

Opeyemi Dinah

Sarah Kabani

Emily Seal

Senior Research Associate

Alec Mazurek


Jehan Mohamed

Sarah Kabani

Noha Shaalan 

Katie Campbell

Andrei Chen 

Emily Seal

Ryan Mandachescu 

Julia Bradley

Mubashir Abbas

Harleen Cheema

Sarah Kabani

Jennifer Lam 

Jocelyn Tan

Cassie Maclellan 

Ethan Chen 

Jessica Look

Victor Chao

Madison Binder

Kathrina Goodwin

Reagan Cockburn 

Oana Padurea 

Devon Jaruvi 

Josh Bernstein 

Max Rolfe 

Madison Regen