Current Research

Throughout the year, the Leadership and Democracy Lab will be publishing content based on current research. This research will outline political risk and potential mitigation strategies that a country or industry can choose to implement. Feel free to browse or select a topic from the left-side panel. Previous country and industry research can be found under "Archives."

This page contains articles that are written by current members of the Leadership and Democracy Lab. All publications are written for information purposes and the views expressed in each article are not reflective of the Lab's opinion but are the author's views. For further information, including copies, publication requests, or to contact the authors, please contact the Lab. All articles are free to view and are for information purposes.

2020 - 2021 Research Topics

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Nikhil Pandeya Parliament and COVID-19

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Lavinia Chui ⋅ Khalida Elsadati ⋅ Gabrielle Glasier ⋅ Elliot Grenier ⋅ Alec Mazurek ⋅ Charlotte Sarvesvaran ⋅ Katie Campbell

Sheetal Vemannagari - Risks And Mitigations For The Venezuelan Oil Industry

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Ben Danziger ⋅ Alireza Mirshafiei Langari ⋅ James Rosenthal ⋅ Harleen Cheema ⋅ Yash Jethoo ⋅ Maddy Regan ⋅ Arina Bagga

Bita PejamTourism in Thailand 

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Sartaj Javed ⋅ Sharon Low ⋅ Winny Wang ⋅ Hussein Noureldin ⋅ Jennifer Lam ⋅ Alex Ha

Alden EakinsHow Indigenous Economic Developement Committees and Corporations Can Pave a New Road Together

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Mallory Dunlop ⋅ Brenden Adamo ⋅ Zoey Lin ⋅ Diana Westwood