Egypt at the beginning of the Arab Spring was thought to have the greatest potential for a sustainable democracy. As the largest country in the Arab and Muslim world, Egypt holds a great deal of political influence in its region.  After its initial move toward democracy, it was hoped that Egypt would act as a positive democratic example to its neighbours in North Africa. However, as the economy worsens, patience is wavering and unrest continues to build. The recent reversion of Egypt’s political ideology back to that of a dictatorship causes a similar reversion in the region. It may also deter other populations from attempting to transition to a democracy via a popular revolt. As a result, Egypt’s fate is crucial to the success of the Arab Spring. That is why an analysis of the current state of Egypt’s progression toward democracy is needed. This report is designed to analyse the different but essential parts that dictate the direction in which Egypt’s political climate will move. 

Egypt Country Profile 2013/2014